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It begins with their all-around skills, but it goes beyond that. It’s how they translate those skills into what works within your company that truly lets them excel. Give all your leaders – and your company – the advantage of customized leadership development and training. Aligned with your strategies. Designed for your unique culture.

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Accelerated Leadership Group (ALG), a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) company, is a leadership development consulting firm considered unique among its peers. From the start, our goal was to be different. Rather than serving as a purveyor of onetime training solutions that are often forgotten soon after the flip charts are put away, we relished the chance to create a firm where we could sit down with clients to truly understand their business and how a long term leadership development strategy  could be integrated into their organizational culture to help them exceed their goals. We wanted to share in client victories and continually be invited back to the table to help our client partners determine how to best tackle tough leadership challenges. Learn more.


For over 15 years, ALG has been helping companies like yours go fast, by equipping leaders to achieve team and personal success.  Read about our most recent work to accelerate these leaders.

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ALG helps you retain your top talent and develop high-potential employees. We start with your goals, and then create a long-term development approach that connects your opportunities to current competencies, and includes leadership skills training, consulting and coaching – for all leaders.

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