As a partner for over 10 years, Novartis Pharmaceuticals knows that ALG is an organization that can think creatively and tackle the challenges of a changing environment. When Novartis needed to step away from traditional performance management and create an innovative, fresh approach they reached out to ALG for support. ALG was charged with creating an innovative PM program focused on an equitable, consistent performance management process across all US sales divisions.


ALG partnered with Novartis to create a new Field Coaching Report and documentation
standards that capitalized on the changing technology environment of the field force. In addition, ALG moved Novartis from the traditional standard PM process to one that was focused on more frequent “20 minute check in conversations” to support field employees’ performance and development throughout the year in a “just in time” manner.


As a result, for the first time in its history, Novartis had a consistent PM process across all sales divisions primed to support performance to meet the challenges of an ever changing complex healthcare market.

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