ALG offers targeted business leadership development programs designed to teach your leaders the critical core skills they need to succeed. All of the business leadership programs detailed below can be delivered alone or in combination with other programs to form a more comprehensive solution. These programs are often part of a customized long-term solution we create for your organization.

Emerging Leaders

These business leadership development programs teach key skills to those destined for higher-level roles.

  • Building a Network
  • Emotional Intelligence for New Leaders
  • How to Conduct an Effective Sales Meeting
  • Presentation Skills

Executive Leadership

Top executives require business leadership programs such as these, which build on the skills, knowledge, and experience they already have.

  • Advanced Leader
  • Executive Challenge

New and Advanced Leaders

Some skills are applicable to both new and advanced leaders. These business leadership development programs address those types of skills across a wide spectrum.

  • Coaching a Winning Team
  • Coaching for Exceptional Performance
  • Coaching Performance Management
  • Coaching the Coach
  • Coaching with Courage
  • Coaching with Emotional Intelligence
  • First Meeting with Your Leader
  • First Meeting with Your Team
  • Leader Expectations
  • Manager Assimilation
  • Onboarding
  • Tips for New Managers

Leadership Skills Training

These business leadership programs help to create well-rounded leaders who are prepared to handle the various demands that come with their role.

  • Civil Treatment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating a Winning Culture
  • Creating Your Leadership Point of View
  • DiSC for Individuals, Managers, and Teams
  • Diversity Training
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Increasing Engagement for Results
  • Leading People Through Change and Transformation
  • OZ Principle
  • Retention and Engagement
  • The SLII Experience™
  • Self Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Targeted Selection
  • Tipping Point
  • Versatile Salesperson