At ALG, we are experienced working with global matrix organizations and collaborating with stakeholders across multiple functions and across the globe. When we engaged with the Coca Cola Company, they were looking to develop the leadership skills of their top 200 global leaders to accelerate their ability to meet the company’s revenue goal of doubling revenue in the next 8 years.


To meet the needs of various global markets and engage leaders from multiple company
functions, ALG developed four custom programs specifically targeted to develop the leader’s ability to think and act differently by connecting their leadership values back to the Coca Cola brand loyalty. These four programs were designed to engage each leader to live and model their values, confidently share their own personal leadership story, and ultimately practice these leadership behaviors and habits in a manner that clearly connected to the Coca Cola 2020 Vision to double revenue. By living these leadership habits on a daily basis, leaders were able to accelerate their personal and team performance.


ALG designed and delivered the four custom programs to all 200 global leaders across India,
Kenya, Capetown, St. George, Morocco, and Mozambique global markets receiving rave reviews from both participants as well as the key stakeholders. The training was considered a grand success. The Coca Cola Company has met their target to DOUBLE their revenue within the original 8 year target to achieve their 2020 Vision. The 2020 Leader program was so successful it was adopted throughout the organization for all leaders to experience.

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