Virtual Learning for Leaders

Current and future environmental challenges require innovative approaches to leadership development.  ALG offers numerous self-directed tracks that are both turn-key and can be customized to meet your unique needs aligned with your culture and mission.

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Virtual Learning Series

Below are sample development tracks that focus on helping leaders use the right approach, powerful tools and refined personal skills to drive team and individual success.

  • Leadership Fundamentals
    • Trust and Collaboration
    • Coaching Styles
    • Direct Guidance
    • Enable and Empower
    • Active Participation
  • Leading Through Changes
    (Organization / Market)
  • Leading Through Active Involvement

  • Scenario-based Leadership
  • Leading with Strengths
  • Listening Closely
  • Using Visuals and Stories to Lead
  • Robust Communication Skills
  • Executing Priorities
  • Inspire and Motivate

  • Re-Connect and Re-Engage
    • Creating a Resilient Mindset
    • Collaborate and Stabilize
    • Understand, Connect, Lead
  • Being Genuine
  • Creating Confidence
  • Team | Me:  Winning for Both

Now is the time to Lead. Go Fast.