When we started a Change Leadership project with Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH), we were faced with an organization that had executed massive internal changes (Reorganization and new operating model) with no plans for helping their employees adjust and transition to their new roles and to the new “Ways of Working”. Without clear direction and understanding, PCH was experiencing a drastic drop in performance across the globe. They needed us to accelerate employee acceptance of the new organization and bring the new teams together quickly to improve performance. They wanted this all accomplished within 4 months.


To meet this demanding timeline, ALG identified the specific PCH goals, connected with the stakeholders, and developed an aggressive project plan to effectively meet the client goals. After gaining stakeholder buy in on the plan, we set to work and tapped into our expertise at developing leaders to design a change leadership platform to accelerate the leaders and their teams towards understanding and acceptance of the change to the new “Ways of Working”. Meeting the project timeline of April 30th, we developed and facilitated 3 waves of virtual training that engaged over 800 employees in 6 separate global markets and conducted 7 live training workshops focused on change leadership and team Effectiveness with 150 global senior leaders across multiple functional departments.


Ultimately, our engagement with PCH resulted in wide acceptance and understanding of the
new operating model and the development of strong Brand Teams that felt confident in their role to move forward. For the first time during this transformation, every Senior Leader spent time listening to understand the specific concerns of their teams and worked together throughout the session ALG designed to develop their strategic plans to move forward.

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