Susan Hahn


Susan puts her diverse perspective and experience developed in the Fortune 50 environment to work for her ALG clients—whether they’re looking to enhance individual leader, team, or organizational performance. She draws on her extensive background in coaching and leadership development techniques to create solutions that add to her clients’ bottom line.

Upon graduating from The Pennsylvania State University, Susan began a successful 15-year sales career with Pfizer Inc., receiving the company’s highest awards in sales, sales management, and leadership development. Her ability to drive results and influence people led to key leadership positions in sales management, HR, and leadership development. Notably, Susan was chosen as a member of the team that redesigned Pfizer’s field sales force so it could best compete in the changing marketplace.

Susan has led teams of individual contributors, managers, and cross-functional groups to measurable improvements and managed budgets exceeding $1 billion. She has developed and implemented initiatives in progressive performance management, performance differentiation, talent planning, diversity and inclusion, organizational transformation, and change management. In addition, she has served as both an internal and external coach, providing leadership development support to numerous senior leaders.

Susan’s clients consistently cite her exceptional interpersonal skills as a key to her success in developing people at all levels. In addition, her ability to listen, diagnose, problem-solve, innovate, and implement sound decisions makes her a valuable resource for any organization looking to improve.