New Year’s Leadership Resolutions That Matter

At this time of year, we often dust off our annual New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’re focused on the perennial “last 10 pounds” or religiously attending each and every one of your kids’ soccer games, let me throw out a suggestion for your new year.

Invest in your own development this new year!

Let this year be your year of growth. It’s a great time to see if your company offers training, leadership development or skills-building opportunities in which you can participate.
It’s the time of year when we’re sitting down for goal and objective planning for the year. Be sure you’ve included development as part of these discussions with your supervisors. Development and training opportunities not only build your personal skills set but can help you build the competencies valued and needed by your company.

In addition to formal training opportunities, consider membership in a professional organization.  I know, in my role as a leadership development and training professional at Accelerated Leadership Group I value my memberships in organizations such as the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers and the American Society for Training and Development  for not only the access they provide to research and training best practices but also for the access they provide to thought partners and business leaders.

You can also embark on your own year of personal growth.  Whether you prefer e-books or paper, there is plenty to feed your business mind and personal spirit. Take a look at the NY Times online list of best-selling business books or that of Barnes and Noble. You’ll find titles that expand business paradigms, rethink the workplace or deepen your thinking on leadership principles and practices. I wholly recommend Daniel Goleman’s book, “Emotional Intelligence”, a brilliant discussion on psychology and neuroscience that provides insight into our rational and emotional minds and how they together can shape our destiny. We use his research often in a number of our ALG leadership development offerings.

Consider a subscription to a business publication. Whether you prefer a general business publication like BusinessWeek or an online subscription to Harvard Business Review, your mind will appreciate the “New Year’s workout” you give it through a regular dose of new and exciting information.

What are you planning for your personal development this year??

Laura Soscia

About Laura Soscia

Laura Soscia is a nationally recognized expert in leadership development and co-founder of ALG, the Accelerated Leadership Group. Her complete bio is here

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