Let the Leadership Journey Begin…

Training and leadership development are my passions. Watching people grow and achieve- and helping others grow and achieve– feeds my soul.  I feel privileged on a daily basis to work with top companies that are committed to building high-performing leaders and teams through leadership development.

There is a plethora of great research and so many creative ideas in the training and development space available through books and publications, training organizations, and from leadership development firms such as ours, Accelerated Leadership Group (ALG). The problem is finding the time and energy to capture those best practices that organizations can implement to make a difference to their bottom line

I’d like to start an ongoing dialogue with clients, past program participants and fellow training professionals- with the goal of helping us all use leadership development and talent management tools to be the best we can be and achieve both our personal and professional goals. I hope you’ll join me in this journey

Laura Soscia

About Laura Soscia

Laura Soscia is a nationally recognized expert in leadership development and co-founder of ALG, the Accelerated Leadership Group. Her complete bio is here

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