Jeff Paramore


Jeff Paramore brings more than 20 years of pharmaceutical sales experience to his role of vice president of business development for ALG. He has extensive experience with both large and start-up pharmaceutical companies.

Jeff began his career at Abbott Laboratories, where he held various positions in the sales force and won numerous awards. After transitioning to Sepracor, he quickly moved up the sales leadership ranks and was a key stakeholder in developing Sepracor’s Institutional Sales Division. He then moved to the start-up pharmaceutical space, where he exceled at building sales forces and associated infrastructures. In addition, Jeff was of CEO of ProHealth Sciences, Inc., an emerging pharmaceutical company focused on the personal healthcare sector.

Jeff holds a bachelors of science degree in business administration from Auburn University. In addition to the companies mentioned above, Jeff gained his professional experience at Sprint Communications, Accenture, Pacira Pharmaceuticals, and MAP Pharmaceuticals.