Coaching Skills for Managers: What Your Company Needs to Win

Coaching skills for managers are essential for bringing out the best in direct reports … and adding to your company’s bottom line. ALG’s proven LEAD coaching training teaches your managers how to:

  • Help a coachee set appropriate Long and/or short-term goals.
  • Explore—identify how the individual is progressing toward those goals and provide objective feedback on his or her performance observations.
  • Help the coachee determine Alternatives and options for improvement.
  • Collaborate with the coachee to Define commitment, in terms of roles and responsibilities.

ALG delivers LEAD manager-as-coach training at your location, customized to reflect your organization’s culture and goals. This one-day session will give your managers a consistent process for coaching direct reports to higher and higher levels of performance.

Provide essential coaching skills for managers and see how your whole organization wins. Contact ALG today, and let us train your managers to LEAD.