ALG is proud to have worked with many of the nation's top companies, including:


Astellas Pharmaceuticals wanted to focus on developing both its emerging and front-line leaders. We created and delivered a customized development program for emerging leaders that included programs such as Building a Network, Emotional Intelligence for New Leaders, and Running Effective Sales Meetings. We also devised solutions to increase the competencies and capabilities of front-line district managers. This solution included customized versions of our Interviewing and Talent Selection, Coaching with Courage, Coaching with Emotional Intelligence, Onboarding, Performance Management, and Creating a Winning Culture programs.


When Otsuka Pharmaceuticals was looking to create a coaching model for its managers, ALG was selected over five competitors on the strength of our proprietary coaching model. We developed and executed a customized coaching model for the company and supported it with webinars. We also developed several advanced manager sessions to supplement Otsuka’s top leaders’ skill sets. Program elements included Building a High Performance Team, Performance Management—Having the Tough Conversations, and Coaching for Results.


In a five-year partnership with UCB we have developed and implemented programs to create and sustain a leadership development culture. As part of an overall talent management and development strategy, we developed and ran a customized emerging leaders program, advanced leader training programs, and a leadership academy for UCB’s front-line leaders. We also created and delivered engagement surveys and an engagement program, as well as a coaching model for front-line leaders and leaders of leaders to follow as they coach their direct reports. We have ensured sustainability for all of these efforts through a series of webinars.


Coca-Cola had a lofty vision—to double revenue by 2020—and realized that achieving it would require a new brand of leadership. Coca-Cola executives asked us to create a program that would enable company leaders to achieve the desired results by thinking, acting, and behaving differently. In partnership with the company’s senior leaders and talent management team, we created a four-day actionable leadership program that was directly aligned with business results. We are currently delivering this program at worldwide Coca-Cola locations.


Novartis Pharmaceuticals needed a long-term comprehensive plan for developing its managers—a vision for leadership development—as well as help deploying it. We’re partnering with Novartis’ leadership development training team and its senior leaders to create a long-term leadership development continuum that consists of customized programs such as Coaching Through Change, Coaching for Higher Levels of Performance, Coaching a Winning Team, and Retention and Engagement.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes wanted to ensure its leaders have the best tools to use in their daily work. Our job was to unearth the existing best practices and teach front-line leaders how to consistently implement them on the job. Working with senior and front-line leaders, we gathered and turned their experiences and best practices into a workshop developing actionable tools they could use in their day-to-day jobs. Participants were able to use these solutions and new ways of thinking to enhance their everyday roles.


Genentech came to us with a specific goal of improving the performance of its leaders and sales representatives. Working with the bio-tech company’s senior leaders, we customized and then delivered our Driving Higher Levels of Engagement offering to show how the right kind of engagement drives performance.


As former leaders in Pfizer Pharmaceutical’s internal training organization, we’re proud that Pfizer continues to trust us with its leadership development needs. Most recently, we provided one-on-one coaching to the company’s senior leaders and delivered our customized Coaching for Exception Performance program.